VR in Saskatchewan

About VR for Career Exploration

The Regina Work Preparation Centre Inc. (Work Prep) was introduced to CareerLabs VR technology in the spring of 2019.

In August 2019, Work Prep’s team travelled to Employment and Education Centre in Brockville, Ontario to research and test the technology, ultimately partnering with CareerLabs VR and Employment and Education Centre in Brockville, Ontario to bring CareerLabs VR technology to Saskatchewan in 2020.

With an initial investment by Work Prep and the partnership of the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, Work Prep was able to pilot the technology over a 14-month project.

CareerLabsVR provides users the opportunity to explore, learn, and discover a variety of career options through the immersive power of virtual reality. This virtual reality (VR) system, not only gives job seekers tailored career information, but also the ability to see, hear, and experience the job… without ever leaving the Career Practitioner’s office.

Research indicates that 90% of what we see and do is retained, making CareerLabsVR incredibly beneficial for career decision making.

You can find out more about CareerLabs VR in Brockville Ontario by visiting their website: careerlabsvr.com

The 23 current career simulations are closely aligned with in demand careers in Saskatchewan outlined in the Government of Saskatchewan’s Detailed Occupational Outlook for 2019-2023.  Work Prep piloted the technology as a relevant and effective tool for job seekers, employers, and career practitioners.  During this time the following results were achieved:

  • 65 individuals registered for services and actively used the VR technology.
  • 9 virtual presentations for job seekers were hosted, with a minimum of 115 views/participants.
  • 2 outreach presentations and virtual reality experiences were provided.
  • 63 employers, educators, & career practitioners actively used the technology.
  • 4 webinars were delivered, with a total attendance of 137 participants.

Feedback from Job Seekers

“I found the use of an interactive environment to be an effective tool in helping get a better sense of certain working environments.”

“This experience was really amazing, and I learned a lot more than I expected.”

“Even though it was a simulated experience it was great and it definitely piqued my interest in this career path. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Feedback from Career Practitioners, Educators, & Employers

“Great tool for introducing students to different occupations.”

“This is a great way for people to enter into new employment without entering a job site. Cheaper and lower stress for the client.”

“Fantastic, I became more aware of the specific skills involved in this trade.”

“I could explain the skills needed, how to get practice and if it could be a good fit.”

It is important to note that the technology was originally purchased to provide career exploration opportunities for in demand careers and industries in Saskatchewan.

Throughout the pilot, other uses for the technology have been identified, including:  

  • active use of the technology assisted career practitioners to assess the core skills and competencies of an employee including workplace safety, listening to instruction, retention of instruction and processes, decision making, critical thinking, etc.
  • the technology also supported job seekers to gain confidence in their abilities to complete a job, reduced anxieties about entering a workplace, and provided an opportunity for job seekers to look at transferable skills and available jobs that matched those skills.

The learning and knowledge gained throughout the pilot project has allowed for recommendations to support the expansion of VR technology to workforce development organizations across the province.

If you are looking to experience Virtual Reality for Career Exploration near you, please check out our pages to see the available career simulations and organizations in your area with the technology today!