Disinfection & Safety

Cleanbox Systems

The health and safety of job seekers and staff is extremely important when running a Virtual Reality session. All service providers have invested in leading edge technology to make sure our Headsets and controllers are sanitized before and after each use.

What is Cleanbox?

Cleanbox is a premium and eco-friendly smart tech hygiene solution for XR & Communication headsets, masks, eyewear, and other mass use hardware.

Cleanbox eliminates the need for heat or toxins in the decontamination process, protecting electronics, the user and environment.

Cleanbox is independently lab tested and proven to kill 99.999+% of bacteria, virus and fungi in 60 seconds. A patented product using UVC light in an LED that is completely SAFE for users and those around them.

Ultraviolet C (medical grade) directional lighting gets into all nooks & crannies where bacteria, virus, and fungi live unreachable by wipes!

Super hydrophobic nano coating helps prevent moisture & smells from permeating surfaces and reduce the buildup of oils and grime.

99.999+% Effective

Eliminates human error and effectively decontaminates every time in 1 minute.

Proven Against COVID-19

COVID-19 Independent lab testing recently undertaken (results June 2020) at a Biohazard Level 3 lab shows that Cleanbox UVC engineering kills Sars Cov 2 (COVID 19) on surfaces and on masks.

  • H1N1: Independent lab testing conducted in January 2019, shows that Cleanbox UVC lights kill H1N1 (Swine Flu) on surfaces and on HMD’s
  • MRSA (antibiotic resistant Staph bacterial): Independent lab testing shows Cleanbox is effective in killing the bacteria, MRSA.
  • SARS: Peer reviewed studies show that UVC is effective in killing the Sars virus.

How does it work?

UVC radiation in the range of 250nm – 280nm renders harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, inactive by destroying the genetic information in their DNA. The DNA chain is disrupted so that when the cell undergoes mitosis or cell division, DNA replication is prevented, thus microorganisms lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed.

To learn more about the Cleanbox systems and how the technology works please visit www.cleanboxtech.com

Technical Source: UVC LIGHT: DEFINING THE FACTS, DEBUNKING THE MYTHS Published by Cleanbox Technology, Inc., August 2020 Compiled and edited by: Amy Hedrick, CEO, Cleanbox Technology, Inc. https://cleanboxtech.com/whitepaperdownload